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One Sheet Does Plenty

Good old Juan Sheet, yes he might be a love or hate character but the below advert was a clever idea.

This advert might have been around for a some time and I just haven’t seen it. But thought it a clever play on the “if you can’t see my mirrors then I can’t see you”.

The Juan Sheet character was brought in 2010 after Bounty changed to Plenty to replace the old characters of Brenda and Audrey.

Juan Sheet – “SCA describes as “the sexy, Latino, cleaning superhero” forms one of the final stages of the brand’s migration from Bounty to Plenty.”  –

I’m actually surprised that in the current climate using a character which fits to the stereotype of a sexy Latino dressed in a bull fighter style outfit hasn’t been deemed racist. However, the character still carries on. Perhaps because the UK doesn’t have a large Latino population it hasn’t been picked up on yet?

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