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Wonkfest 2018 Poster Design

Designed this poster for Wonkfest based on the following Facebook post:

Hey lovely Wonkfesters. Was about to start doing the poster artwork for next year and then i thought, hold up, maybe i should do a competition and get you cats to draw one instead. Winner gets a couple of access all area tickets and is immortalised in the Wonkfest poster hall of fame.
Needs to say WONKFEST 6 – “insert your theme here”
Needs to have the date 28th july 2018
Needs to have The Dome , Tufnell Park.
Ideally it needs to have space to add the line up etc at a later date.
Does this sound like a good idea?
As Tony Hart said, “do some art”
Love from Alex Wonk

Not bothered whether I win or not just did it for a bit of fun. Hand-drawn illustrations and text. Space left to put band list in.

Wonkfest 2018

Wonkfest 2018

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