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Snakes On a Plane

It is one of those films that I never wanted to watch as it just sounded like absolute shite. The title alone is enough to put you off, never-mind the ridiculous concept of snakes escaping on a plane and killing people. Really, how many ways can snakes kill you?

Anyway, the other night me and the my husband settled down to watch the film, thinking if it is that bad we would just switch it off. The signs were there for a not very good film, the opening shots consisted of bikini clad women – which of course had nothing to do with the film. Eventually, the title appeared SNAKES…long dramatic pause…hang on…wait for it…can’t have the rest of the title just yet..ON A PLANE. Loved the pause between the “SNAKES” and “ON A PLANE”, it really added to the sense of drama.

Being fair to the film, it was funny. Not because it was meant to be funny (apart from the scene where the male air hostess puts a snake in the microwave to kill it and there is a button for “Snake”) but because it was so awful. But not awful enough to stop watching.

At this point I’m sure you wanting to know what this has got to do with Graphic Design. Well it reminded me of a logo I saw on a van whilst on the M1.

Serpent Motors

Serpent Motors

Serpent Motors

Bit like Snakes on a Plane it does what it says on the tin, except this tin says SNAKE……dramatic pause to build up tension……….ON WHEELS. I mean who the fuck came up with that monstrosity? Not only is it an awful idea, it isn’t draw that well and to top it off it suddenly stops being a 3D snake when you get the bottom. Where is the other side of the snake? Really, where is the other side of the snake? Where is the rest of the tail? I feel ripped off, I wanna see the whole thing! I watched the whole of SNAKES ON A PLANE, I wanna see the whole of SNAKE ON WHEELS.

As I was fair to the film, well as fair as I could be bearing in my the piss poor plot, this might not be the Graphic Designer’s fault. For all I know Serpent Motors’ logo could have been designed by the owner’s mate down the pub. Or perhaps the Graphic Designer in question was forced to do it through gritted teeth as it is what the client wanted. It is just something as a designer you need to deal with, its not about what you want it is about the client. They are the ones paying and if they want a SNAKE…ON WHEELS you best get drawing a SNAKE…ON WHEELS, no matter how much it pains you to draw it.

But it’s still shit no matter who came up with the idea.

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