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End of Year Show – Art, Graphic Design, Games Design, Photography

Last week was The Sheffield College’s End of Year show for their Graphic Design, Web Design, Games Design, Art and Photography Students.

Me and my husband went down to The Workstation in Sheffield to take a look around. I took plenty of photos, but some of them haven’t come out as I hoped. I blame the glass of wine I was holding!

I’ve concentrated on showcasing the Graphic Design students here as I will be studying Graphic Design in September this year but there was plenty of other good work too.

Aiden Smeaton

One of my favourites was the work by Aiden Smeaton, loved the Bat and Skull Lino prints – they appeal to my dark side (I have a liking for rock and metal music including Black Sabbath so that’s probably why I like the bat!)

Aiden Smeaton - Bat Lino Print

Aiden Smeaton – Bat Lino Print

Aidan Smeaton's Wall, Graphic Design

Aidan Smeaton’s Wall, Graphic Design

Aidan Smeaton - Lino Printed Skull

Aidan Smeaton – Lino Printed Skull

He portfolio is varied – which I like to see as he can adapt his style to suite the project he is working.

Alexander Hill

His work is bold, the ink splats really stood out for me. Simple yet striking. I tried to visit his website but sadly I keep getting a DNS error.

Alexander Hill's Wall, Graphic Design

Alexander Hill’s Wall, Graphic Design

Amelia Leak

The design of her portfolio itself stood out, along with the work within. It was an A5 printed portfolio, there was a couple others which also featured a similar design. Things have come along way since I first studied Graphic Design – it was a leather bound portfolio. I think the printed portfolio really stands out and it’s a nice touch because any prospective employer can take it a copy with them.

The Rebel branding was nice – I took a second take as I didn’t see it straight away but I think that it part of it’s appeal. Simple, but it catches your attention.

Her portfolio contained many well designed pieces check it out at I warn you now it’s very pink!

Amelia Leake’s Graphic Design Portfolio – Rebel Branding

Amelia Leake's Wall, Graphic Design

Amelia Leake’s Wall, Graphic Design

Ashleigh Jade

Her Alice in Wonder Land illustrations are fun and bold. Her ability to draw is a real strong point. More of her illustrations can be found on her website along with her Graphic Design work.

Ashleigh Jade’s Wall, Graphic Design and Illustration

Georgia May

Both her Graphic Design and Photography portfolio stood out for me, sadly my photo’s didn’t come out so well so I only have the one from the show. But I have borrowed one photo from her website of her of her “You” packaging design. It has an upmarket but also natural feel to the design, I could image buying this as a gift set at Christmas.

You - Packaging Design

Georgia May, You – Packaging Design

Georgia May, Graphic Design and Photography

Georgia May, Graphic Design and Photography

Her Rebel Corporate Identify work is amazing. Well thought out and professionally presented. It actually scared me slightly as I am worried I might have to do something of the same quality on the course and I really don’t think I could!

For more of Georgia’s work visit:

Rees Pashley

Some bold and interesting work by Rees. I liked the Hills catalogue which had a modern and upmarket feel to it. A simple colour scheme and a play on words was a nice touch.

The Reimagine work also stood out. I liked the room signage in particular (t1, t2, etc) as it was very eye catching. More of his work can be found at

Rees Pashley's Wall, Graphic Design

Rees Pashley’s Wall, Graphic Design

Sam Turner

His work for Transform, an architecture exhibition was bold. In particular his brochure cover for the exhibition stood out.

The Sheffield Design Week branding, pictured at the bottom, stood out and I felt it really matched Sheffield’s creative vibe. The design was adaptable as it can show a range imagery inside the squares.

I also liked his unusual business card and personal branding which plays on his surname Turner. For more of his work visit:

Sam Turner's Wall, Graphic Design

Sam Turner’s Wall, Graphic Design

This is just a brief highlight of the work there. It’s worth a look next year if you are the creative sort or are thinking of studying a design/art related course at The Sheffield College. The end of year show is normally held in June, at The Workstation, check out The Sheffield College’s Facebook Page closer to the time for more details.

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