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This is my first blog post so I thought I would explain a bit about myself. I am Sheffield born and bred. At Secondary school I wanted to follow in my Mum’s footsteps and eventually study Fine Art Degree at Sheffield Hallam University. My application for a Btec or was it a GNVQ (not sure to be honest) in Art and Design had been accepted. Then in my school’s Art class one of my fellow students was talking about studying Graphic Design. I had no idea what it was but it sounded interesting. I applied and was accepted on that course too, in the end I decided Graphic Design was the more exciting option and most likely to end up in a job. Art and Design sounded good too and I’m sure I would have had a enjoyed studying it but I didn’t feel I was going to have any job prospects at the end of it.

So off I went to study Graphic Design at the Sheffield College. Although I enjoyed the coursework, and I like to think I did some decent design work along the way, I struggled to find a Graphic Design job in Sheffield and nearby towns.

After about a 18 months I landed a job in a call centre. Later I would leave and set-up my own online business designing and selling wedding stationery. My first son, Beau, came along in 2012 and I decided to close my business down to concentrate on being a full time Mum. In 2014, Elijah made his appearance and once my eldest had started nursery I became a parent volunteer at the school. This made me rethink my future and what I wanted to do next. So here I am waiting to start a degree top-up course in Graphic Design in September 2017.

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